General Questions
Q.  Do you install / repair service xyz?
A.  A complete list of our services can be seen on our services page.
Q.  How soon can you get here?
A.  As a general rule our goal is to schedule an emergency call for within 24 hours. It may be a little sooner or later depending on several factors, but we make every attempt to service our accounts in a timely manner as possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
Self-service Questions
At Kevin McGrath Plumbing we are more than happy to offer advice to fix small high priority plumbing problems. Anyone who is handy with a wrench and small hand tools can fix a wide variety of problems on their own. But a word of caution, be careful not to make things worse! A relatively small job can turn into a big expensive emergency. If you are uncomfortable about attempting any of the following fixes, or you just want us to do it, please call and we are happy to help.
Q.  I have no hot water.
A.  If you have a gas water heater you may want to check the pilot light. You may also want to check the circuit breaker. Also check the water tank for leaks. Then if you are still not sure, please call us to schedule an appointment.
Q.  What can I do about a noisy heating system?
A.  If you have steam radiators, settling of your house may cause air pockets to develop in the radiators. Forced hot water systems can have air build up in the pipes. Call us and we will either walk you through the process to bleed the system, or book a service call so we can come out and fix it.
Q.  My toilet runs constantly or flushes on its own.
A.  Be sure that there is sufficient slack in the chain inside the tank. The flapper should be sufficiently loose. You may need to replace the tank flapper. Be sure to make sure the fill valve shuts off properly.
Q.  My faucet is dripping.
A.  Shut off the water supply. Inspect the faucet washer or ceramic cartridge for debris. Replace as necessary.
Q.  My tub drain is draining slowly or not at all.
A.  Most importantly do not use any kind of liquid drain opener. These products work by dissolving the obstructions, which they do quite well. But the same harsh chemicals also corrode and destroy your pipes, eventually causing them to leak at the most inconvenient locations behind walls and floors. This makes a small job into an expensive job to repair the pipes. Also these chemicals are poisonous, and it is dangerous to even contact the skin. Unwind a wire coat hanger and snake it down the drain. An inexpensive plumber's drain snake available at your local hardware store, will do a better job.
Q.  My kitchen or faucet drain is draining slowly or not at all.
A.  In addition to the step above, you may have a trap that is readily accessible. Sometimes it is inside the vanity or under the counter. Loosen the drain plug at the bottom of the trap, and remove the debris and hair that collects in the trap. Be sure to replace the plug snugly, but don't over-tighten it.
Q.  I have water leaking in the ceiling below the bathtub.
A.  Inspect the calking in the corners around the base of the tub and any seals between the tub and walls. Be sure the shower curtain is not leaking, and is long enough to fall inside the tub sufficiently so no water leaks out while the shower is running.
Q.  There is water leaking from my toilet.
A.  The fix for this depends on where it leaks. If the leak is between the bowl and the tank the bowl gasket needs to be replaced. If the leak is at the base of the toilet at the floor, the wax seal needs to be replaced. In either case the water needs to be shut off, and either the tank or the entire toilet needs to be removed so the appropriate part can be replaced. Also, be sure the refill tube is inside the overflow tube.

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