Our services include any plumbing, heating and gas fitting needs from residential to commercial. As a licensed master plumber, Kevin McGrath is qualified to plan and implement plumbing systems, including calculations, materials selection, purchasing of all pipes, faucets, sinks, water heaters, and gas appliances. This qualifies us to do complete plumbing remodels, new bathroom and kitchen installations, and oil to gas conversions. We will engineer a complete heating system for a home, commercial, industrial, or multi-dwelling building. A licensed plumber has been trained and certified by the state to do such tasks as vent and gas pipe sizing, reading and building to schematics, and adherence to all state and local requirements. This ensures that our customers are safe, comfortable, and in full compliance with building codes. Even a small job can have disastrous consequences if a licensed plumber is not hired, and the proper techniques are not used.

List of services provided by Kevin McGrath Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
    Repair /
Install /
Gas fitting services    
  Gas hot air systems X X
  Gas hot water systems X X
  Gas dryers   X
  Gas range / stove   X
  Gas furnaces X X
  Gas fireplaces X X
  Gas steam heating X X
  Gas fired unit heaters X X
  Oil to gas conversions   X
  Toilets X X
  Tankless toilets X X
  Sinks / faucets / drains X X
  Showers X X
  Urinals X X
  Bidet X X
  Heated towel bars X X
  Jacuzzis / hot tubs X X
  Sinks / faucets / drains X X
  Dishwashers X X
  Garbage disposals   X
  Refrigerator icemakers   X
  Hot water dispensers X X
  Filtered water dispensers X X
  Sink basin pumps X X
Hot water heaters    
  Electric X X
  Gas X X
  Indirect X X
  Tankless X X
  Lochinvar® authorized installer & repairs X X
Inside heating options    
  Baseboard heat X X
  Radiant steam / hot water X X
  Radiant under counter X X
Outside plumbing services    
  Hose bibb X X
  Irrigation water X X
  Pool heaters X X
  Driveway ice melting systems X X

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